Monday, 18 April 2016


Sup, guys!! This is my first post for this year. I am gonna talk about 'Relationship'. There are three types of relationship. The first one is Love, the second one is Friendship and last but not least is Family. 

    Love is not that important relationship. It's just you know coupled, and then break up and then for a few months they will get back together. It's like repeating the same stupid thing which is lame to me. For me, I'd better being alone than repeating that stupid thing.  

     Okay, now let's talk about the second relationship. To have a friend beside us is a good thing. We need to have a friend to accompany us or to share stuff. However, We cannot trust people easily especially our friends. Why? Because they are the people who knew our secrets and they can also spread our biggest secret to the whole school. So, you need to be really careful with your friend even they are your closest friends. 
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Image result for friendship quotesImage result for friendship quotes

        Last but not least is family. Family is the most important relationship that we must take care of. Other than friends, our family knows us better than any other people in this world and they are the only people who understand us. We can never break the bond because the bond is too strong to be broken. Love is meaningful especially when it comes to family. When you get older, you will miss the wonderful moment you have created with your family. 
Image result for family quotesImage result for family quotes

Image result for family quotesImage result for family quotes