Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What not fully Happened today?

              Actually, for this post, I am going to talk about what happened today but not all of them cuz apparently, I feel tired and sleepy. Well. let's just continue the topic. Today, my brother and I skipped school because we were late and it was all my fault. Truthfully, I woke up to help my getting ready and continued my nap the moment she went out for work. I thought it would be a short nap but apparently, it was long. Pretty much I feel totally great after a long nap, however, the feelings I hated the most starts to take over my body. So I decided that we should just skip school. Coincidentally, my throat sore since yesterday night and that would be perfect for my excuse. I then started to surf the internet and of course, the first that I would surf is Youtube. I watched BTS (i bet you know who BTS is) on my laptop. Then, my brother woke up and went straight to the bathroom. TBH, every morning or every time I watched YTB, my brother would suddenly wake up and joined me is what I hated the most, especially when I am shipping my OTP on YTB. I know it is bad to feel that way but it was some kind of a privacy to me so I would literally feel awkward. I once caught my sister watching her OTP on her phone and immediately she said either "get out!!" or  " What?!" while glaring at me with a shy, smiling face. From that moment, I can tell that she was really embarrassed. That was the exact same thing how I feel the moment my brother caught me watching my OTP. Well actually, there are a few incidents that happened today but as I said just now, I am tired AF so maybe I will as if continue some other time. BYEEEE!!!!!! 💚💚💗😕😔😔😔

Thursday, 16 February 2017

My opinion against 2017

           Good afternoon or perhaps evening guys!!! How was your year? Is it fun or bad? With just a blink, a brand new year came. Honestly, I am not pretty sure about what will happen this year and I don't think that this year will interest me because this year is a very challenging year. I have a very important test and of course, we have loads of presentation to do. I don't know what kind of people loves presentation because I really hate it. Probably because I feel shy to talk in front of people. I don't know why but I always wonder why does this year feel so slow. Is it because I don't like this year? I want to share with you about my school life for this year. I got in the same class with those hot stuff for no reason. Fortunately, my friends are with me and so I don't feel uncomfortable. However, there are so many things happened in that class especially during presentations. They treat us badly or probably ignore us like we're invisible. And when we are doing our presentation, some of them would say "speak louder! I can't hear you!" and some of them doesn't even listen and I was like 'what the hell is wrong with these humans!!' But please don't underestimate because I don't actually talk like that, I was just trying to tell you what I feel at that moment. At that time, I thought to myself 'Humans are stingier than animals' which all of us thought that animals are bad and humans are good. I know some people would think that way. I really hope I can move to the other school because I hate my classmates. They antis us just because we are loud. But we're only being like that when the class is free which means there are no teachers in the class but we're still quiet when the teachers are teaching. They probably thought that they're popular so what they do, no one will judge even the dumbest thing. I only hope that nothing bad will come to me a school and I hope that I will be confident in any presentation. Let's just live a great life for this year!!