Saturday, 12 December 2015

Never give up!!

Hey Guys!! Let's just start what i'm going to talk about. Lots of people gives up in their life just because no one likes them, someone dumped them and many other things. FYI or as you know, i'm one of them. The first one. I kept on thinking about people doesn't like me unlike my other siblings. people loves them even guys. I know i am not as pretty as they are but i am a human, a person who have emotions. You guys probably think that " Why do you have to be emotional? I don't give a shit." Maybe some of you would think that. Okay, let's get back to the topic. You know, you can't easily give up on something that you're unable because you'll be able to do it. Just believe that you can do it. Giving up is a bad thing unless you tried many times but it still doesn't work well. I, also gave up easily and that is my main problem and i really want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, i am a hot-headed person and that's why i'll get mad easily and if i get mad, i'll give up. Don't be like me because i'm not as good as you think i am. You know what, my mind is a mess right now and i can't even think what to write so i guess this is the end. So... Bye!! xoxo

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Hello peeps! How are you these days? I'm fine as always. Got no idea what to talk about. But, today i am going to talk about... Well actually, i am going to write about date.. I know all of you or maybe some of you are dating with your partner, eh? Well, all of my friends have a partner to date and of course the person they're dating is a guy and not a girl, and you know that. Sorry, too many 'and' in this post. However, i have never been dating since i was born and you guys might think "why?". It's because i'm not a type of person that people can easily get. Well you know what? Let's just say that i am not a social person unlike my friends. They are really.. you know, social people. Well, they are like a person who would befriend with various type of people. Well, it's not that i don't want to date.. It's just that i don't like whenever i date with someone and then something happened that will make my relationship ruined. I hate it!! I hope that i will get someone to date and our relationship will be still until the end of the world or maybe afterlife. But, i know that's impossible because it's hard to find our soulmate that fast. But who knows, maybe God will make that happened to me. Only God what's best for me. :) Well, actually there is someone special in my heart and his name is... a secret. I wish that he will be my soulmate. ><

Thursday, 3 December 2015

PT3 Result!!

Hello guys!! It's been a long time since i blogged and right now it feels weird because i'm starting it over all of a sudden. I want to talk about my PT3 result and it's just a couple of weeks left. Just imagining how i take the result makes my heart almost fell out from my chest. I don't know if i did good or bad during PT3 examination but i tried. Like my sister said that if we fail, it doesn't mean we will fail forever. What she means is we have to keep trying even if it's hard and also 'Practice Makes Better!', remember? For next year, i have to join an extra class and there are a few classes but only one that i have to join. So it's hard for me to decide which class will I join. I once said to my sister that i want art class but then she said that it's hard. Why? Because we don't have to learn them, we just need the skill to sketch, draw and play with colors. But if you don't have that three skills, then it'll be hard for you to do that three things. She recommend me to join the class of accounts but i'm not pretty sure if I would be able to join the class my sister recommended for me because i'm not that good in mathematics. But hey, everything is possible if you put your faith in it but if you still feel it's impossible than everything of you is impossible. So don't ever put 'im' in your 'possible' because if you put your faith, the 'im' word will never exist. Trust me, you'll be able to do what you are unable if you vanish the 'im' word. Goodbye peeps!!