Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Final Exam

Hey guys. It's been along time i didn't post because i don't have any idea what to post. Well, today i'm going to talk about my final exam. Actually my Final Exam had past but i wanna talk about how i felt that time. I felt scared because i didn't do some revision for it so it's hard for me to answer all of them.For you guys, how do you feel when there's important Exam is near? You guys must be scared, aren't you? Some intelligent people aren't scared of Exam and some of them are scared even if they're intelligent. So if your Exam is near, i want you guys to do some revision and good luck. Remember Learn is more important than Love. Good luck For those people that is SPM and PMR this year.. XDD

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

English :D

Hey peeps!! English is one of my favorite subject in school. I like English since i'm 10 or 11. Actually English sometimes easy but sometimes its hard to pronounce it and write some essay. Well,i love English but i am bad to make sentences because i'm Malaysian and not Americans. I want to improve my English. English is important to me because if we want to get job we have to know English. Bye xDD

Friday, 27 September 2013

Annoying Kids

Hello people. How are you guys doing today?I hope you guys fine. Today i'm gonna talk about the annoying kiddos out there. Honestly,i really hate kids except my younger brother because he is one of my family members. I hate kids because they're greedy,cuddly,annoying,thought that they're king or queen in the house,forcing people, disrespect and the think that i really hate is they're impudent with older people than them. I hate kids 9 or 10 years above. But,when i grow up and after i get married,i'll have my own babies and i will stop hating kids. I promise with all of my heart.Bye. Hugs & Kisses xoxo

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Hye guys :)

I'm going to talk about School which is I really hate it. But sometimes I love school because I'm active person that loves sports especially running. Today my best friend absent but God send me someone that can lead me. God hates if we're alone because if we didn't have any friends,there must be a bad things happen to us. Sometimes if you like someone,better you don't have to ask for couple because Studying is more important than Loving. Well actually you can love someone but at the same time you have to study for ur Exam. Next week PMR will start and Good Luck/Hwaiting!!


Yo peeps!!Well,now i wanna talk about fly.If i can be animals,i want to be birds b'cus birds can fly and i wanna fly too :( .I know it's impossible to fly because humans don't have wings and we only humans and we're not bird.When i look at the sky,i can feel that i am flying and can touch the sky..I just hope one day i can fly and be free..That's all.BYE!!xoxo

Obsessed Girl

Hye guys,How are you doing today?Today i'm going to talk about Obsessed Girl in my class and i really hate her b'cus she likes the same guy that i like.She's like totally obsessed with him.She knew that i like him too,so she wants to show off to everyone that she likes him.My hearts really broke when she says that she'll be going to their concert but what can i do.My sister said that if we really like someone,we can't tell anyone especially our friend.I love him so much and my love to him is sincerely and i'll never tell anyone about him.I think like every guy that i like has gone b'cus of him.Start from now on,i wanna be a faithful person and only like him.Bye..xoxo

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Someone special

Hello guys,how are you?I hope ur fine.Well,now i'm going to talk about Someone special..Well,i think you guys have someone special,aren't you?Well,i like this one guy but he's at Korea and he's an artist in group.His group is really popular and i know you guys must think that i like him as a fan but you thought wrong cus i like him as a like.I like him just the way he is.Even if he's not muscular, not cute and don't have a sweet smile but for me he is really perfect guy that i'd ever seen.Now in my mind,i only think about him.When i wanna say somebody's name i called his name in sudden and i said in my heart "What am i doing?".He is the shortest guy in his group..I hope you shared mine..Bye!!xoxo

“A person who truly loves you will never let you go or give up on you, no matter how hard the situation is.”

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Neighbours :/

Wassup,everybody!I wanna talk about my freaking Neighbours.I just hate my neighbours.I dunno why but i really fucking hate them.They're like the craziest neighbours i have ever had in the whole world.Sometimes when my sister and i watching tv.Suddenly,someone shouts really loud and i almost can't hear.I knew it was my crazy neighbour.Actually i feel really bad to say it but they're so sakai meh..Hahhahaha,but all the thing that i says is true and i can't lie in the blog.I know there's many crazy neighbours out there and i hope they'll realize what they did to my beloved family..Thx for reading my blogs.BYE!!xDD


Yo peeps,how are you?I wanna talk about all the haters that hates me.I dunno if are they really hates me or they didn't.I hate when people look down on me because they think they're better than me and they're richer than me.I know that someone look down on me because i'm not intelligent than them but one day i will show  them how intelligent i am than them.There's one person in my class thinks that she better than me but i don't i care i just be myself and study.But she always disturbing me and talk about her best life,i guess.But what can i do,i just have to hear it and sometimes i don't understands what she said but i just have to fake that i understand.That's all.Bye. xD

Horror Games

Hello peeps,how are you doing?I wanna talk about Horror Games.Do you guys like to play horror games?I bet you do. At first, I really hate to play horror games because there are so many jumpscares and it makes me heart attack, but now I wanna try to play it.Who knows if we play it,it's going to be cool,isn't it?But the thing that I hate to play horror games is I will have a nightmare of it.Well,actually now I'm playing horror games which Slendytubbies in GameShed.That link is one of my favorite horror games and I wanna try many horror games.Bye.xoxo

Monday, 23 September 2013


Hello peeps,how are u?Today i'm going to talk about Blogger.Actually,i've already made one before but it's because i had forgot my password and nickname so i had to make a new one.The old blog,huh,it's just a waste time b'cus i had made it but now it's gone.Now,i want to remember email and password for this blog.I will always keep posting and posting.To anyone who has read my post,Thanks for read and please don't judging my blogs b'cus i made it with difficulty cus i'm new.Bye..xoxo


Hello peeps.Today i'm going to talk about games.Me and my sister loves games so much but i like musics more than game and my sister really love games.Some says that game is boring,if we play games our results in class will doomed.Actually,games do teach us.They wanna test us how good we are in games.Like hidden objects,we don't know words and you try harder then you'll know the difficult words.That's why i love games especially Hidden Objects games.You can try play any games that you like.Bye..xoxo


Hello peeps,how are you guys doing?Today i'm going to talk about Friendship.I have a friends that i really love but sometimes i don't trust them b'cus they're  lying to me and says that they're better then me.When i want to find some friends i have to find a real that will understands me,that can be my bestie.But i don't like a friend that always want to fooling me around like i'm a stupid person and i hate that kind of friend.My friend is not rich,she's not pretty but she can understands me that's why i like to friend with her..I hope you guys understand.Bye..xoxo

“It’s not about how many friends you have. It’s about how many friends who are true to you.”


Hello peeps,How are you guys doing?Do you guys like Musics?I hope you do.I like musics since i'm 8.When i'm listening to any musics i will start dancing.
Music is my life and i really love musics. When I'm listening the musics i only wanna hear the rythms and the beats.If there's any musics that has a good rythms and beats, my body is going to start dancing. In my blog,there's a song which called Angel.That is one of my favourite songs ever. I like that song because there's a good rythms and beats and it's calming me. If you think that you're mad you can listen Angel by E X O and you'll be really calm.Bye xoxo