Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What not fully Happened today?

              Actually, for this post, I am going to talk about what happened today but not all of them cuz apparently, I feel tired and sleepy. Well. let's just continue the topic. Today, my brother and I skipped school because we were late and it was all my fault. Truthfully, I woke up to help my getting ready and continued my nap the moment she went out for work. I thought it would be a short nap but apparently, it was long. Pretty much I feel totally great after a long nap, however, the feelings I hated the most starts to take over my body. So I decided that we should just skip school. Coincidentally, my throat sore since yesterday night and that would be perfect for my excuse. I then started to surf the internet and of course, the first that I would surf is Youtube. I watched BTS (i bet you know who BTS is) on my laptop. Then, my brother woke up and went straight to the bathroom. TBH, every morning or every time I watched YTB, my brother would suddenly wake up and joined me is what I hated the most, especially when I am shipping my OTP on YTB. I know it is bad to feel that way but it was some kind of a privacy to me so I would literally feel awkward. I once caught my sister watching her OTP on her phone and immediately she said either "get out!!" or  " What?!" while glaring at me with a shy, smiling face. From that moment, I can tell that she was really embarrassed. That was the exact same thing how I feel the moment my brother caught me watching my OTP. Well actually, there are a few incidents that happened today but as I said just now, I am tired AF so maybe I will as if continue some other time. BYEEEE!!!!!! 💚💚💗😕😔😔😔