Thursday, 3 December 2015

PT3 Result!!

Hello guys!! It's been a long time since i blogged and right now it feels weird because i'm starting it over all of a sudden. I want to talk about my PT3 result and it's just a couple of weeks left. Just imagining how i take the result makes my heart almost fell out from my chest. I don't know if i did good or bad during PT3 examination but i tried. Like my sister said that if we fail, it doesn't mean we will fail forever. What she means is we have to keep trying even if it's hard and also 'Practice Makes Better!', remember? For next year, i have to join an extra class and there are a few classes but only one that i have to join. So it's hard for me to decide which class will I join. I once said to my sister that i want art class but then she said that it's hard. Why? Because we don't have to learn them, we just need the skill to sketch, draw and play with colors. But if you don't have that three skills, then it'll be hard for you to do that three things. She recommend me to join the class of accounts but i'm not pretty sure if I would be able to join the class my sister recommended for me because i'm not that good in mathematics. But hey, everything is possible if you put your faith in it but if you still feel it's impossible than everything of you is impossible. So don't ever put 'im' in your 'possible' because if you put your faith, the 'im' word will never exist. Trust me, you'll be able to do what you are unable if you vanish the 'im' word. Goodbye peeps!!

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