Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Hello peeps! How are you these days? I'm fine as always. Got no idea what to talk about. But, today i am going to talk about... Well actually, i am going to write about date.. I know all of you or maybe some of you are dating with your partner, eh? Well, all of my friends have a partner to date and of course the person they're dating is a guy and not a girl, and you know that. Sorry, too many 'and' in this post. However, i have never been dating since i was born and you guys might think "why?". It's because i'm not a type of person that people can easily get. Well you know what? Let's just say that i am not a social person unlike my friends. They are really.. you know, social people. Well, they are like a person who would befriend with various type of people. Well, it's not that i don't want to date.. It's just that i don't like whenever i date with someone and then something happened that will make my relationship ruined. I hate it!! I hope that i will get someone to date and our relationship will be still until the end of the world or maybe afterlife. But, i know that's impossible because it's hard to find our soulmate that fast. But who knows, maybe God will make that happened to me. Only God what's best for me. :) Well, actually there is someone special in my heart and his name is... a secret. I wish that he will be my soulmate. ><

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